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Need a good Beverly Crusher/Prime Directive/Ethics Clip



Hey tumblr. Can anyone recommend a good clip from TNG dealing with some ethics or humanitarian issue (preferably the prime directive) where Beverly Crusher is part of or features prominently in the debate? Episode name/approximate time in the episode would be awesome, but a clip or youtube link to it works too. I can’t say what this is for just yet, but it’s cool!

"Suspicions"  "The Quality of Life"  and "Ethics" come to mind. 

I feel like there has to be some in “Symbiosis” (mostly the end scene with Picard in the turbolift)…maybe “Justice” (I feel like the Prime Directive is brought up when they’re debating what Wesley did)…and maybe “Who Watches the Watchers” (there has to be something after she transports Liko to the Enterprise).  That’s all I can think of at the moment.


things I find on the internet: “gates mcfadden came onstage with a plastic gun and leveled her castmates. Much better than cheap plastic water pistols!”


I was there!  She had a bag of props.  But really all she pulled out was the gun and Wil Wheaton’s nameplate tent thing from the signing table.


I’m going to try and post my part I review of Frakes’ bible movie tonight. But I also may be going out for drinks after work. So it may get really interesting.

The bad news is I didn’t finish typing up my review. The good news is I typed up commentary on 7 of the 36 screenshots I took from Part 1. The other good news is that I think I may re-listen/watch Part 1 tomorrow at work so I am up to speed on the movie’s events and can write out the remaining comments. :)

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